Greetings from Kura

Greetings from Kura
The voices of our customers since the past.

“It's a pleasant taste, a delicate taste, a comforting taste, and so on.”

Sake brewed in hard water is very clear and reflects the individual character of the liquor.

We want to impress our customers by making sake that is highly refined and enjoyable to drink peacefully on a daily basis.

Imaging the faces of our customers, we, Kikkawa Jozo(Brewery), brews sake putting our heart and mind into our product.

Kamoshibito (Brewer)

Kamoshibito (Brewer)
The 7th generation of our brewery. Mizuno Toji, took office in 2012, acquiring sake brewing skills by himself while taking on the technique of Echigo Toji.

While the predecessor was a master of brewing rich dry sake, Mizuno Toji specializes in brewing Ginjo and Junmai mellow fine sake.

As an inquirer who is not satisfied with traditional techniques, he aims to brew sake in a better and modern way.

Mizuno Toji has incorporated advance Ginjo brewing techniques and received an award at a sake competition. He believes that fine sake brewed by interweaving old and new techniques brings out people's personalities.

Knowing the Brewing Process

Knowing the Brewing Process
During the era of predecessor Toji, we were searching for the best hand brewed products.

Based on the brewing theory of Dr.Shinsaku Sugiyama, Ph.D in agriculture, we forged “Shubo” into a tasty highly concentrated alcohol, making high quality “Koji” using Kojibuta”.

With the diversification of sake yeast, recent brewing styles use various manufacturing techniques adjusting to each type of sake.

For example, Ginjo sake that gives off a gorgeous scent or an enjoyable low-alcohol sake with a sweet and sour taste.

It is a challenging era, as we restore traditional brewing methods.

At Kikkawa Jozo, we restored a traditional style “Kimoto-Shubo” a style using natural yeast and no mash. We are also using advanced Ginjo brewing knowledge to improve the quality of all sake products.

We will continue to keep brewing using fine rice and auxiliary ingredients to create an “Only One” sake that will satisfy our customers.

The Sake Brewing Experience

The Sake Brewing Experience
Every day young brewers are gathering in the brewery and studying.

Dreaming about the future of sake brewing and making history with pride.

The life of a brewer during the brewing period can be harsh. One will arrive at the brewery to steam rice early in the morning, to coming in at midnight worried about the progress of fermentation.

Even if the mechanization of sake brewing progresses, we are still dealing with something living.

That is why the ecstatic feeling when making delicious sake that is enjoyed by everyone is irreplaceable.